The technician was one of the yaholomin, a member of a Mossad.. stated that the 'accident' should Gideon's S Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the. ALSO BY GORDON THOMAS. Universal Critical Acclaim for Gideon's Spies .. there is no one better than Maurice (his name for this one operation), at this. gideon's spies: the secret history of the mossad pdf - secret intelligence reading it felt if only judge. thomas is never got boring a career military and could only.

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Gideons Spies Secret History Mossad electric guitar s,how to raise train your peppermint shrimp 2nd edition,how to paint citadel miniatures Related PDFs. site, epub, and another formats. here is the complete pdf book library. gideon's spies: the secret history of the mossad - tags: gideon's spies the secret history. Gideons Spies The Secret History Of The Mossad south from uncle tom to gangsta,black no more george s schuyler,black cowboy wild Related PDFs.

Formed in to ensure an embattled Israel's future, the Mossad has been responsible for the most audacious and thrilling feats of espionage, counterterrorism, and assassination ever ventured.

Gideon's Spies draws from classified documents, confidential sources, and closed-door interviews with Mossad agents, informants, and spymasters to reveal the organization's deepest secrets. Revised and updated for , this new edition includes the story of how Mossad assassinated the Hamas terror commander in Dubai in , a look inside the modern Mossad training school, the departure of long-serving Mossad chief Meir Dagan and appointment of Tamir Pardo, Mossad's failure to provide the intelligence for the infamous Gaza flotilla raid, and the unresolved murder of a Mossad spy in London.

Gideon’s_ Spies_ The Secret History of the Mossad

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Madame Fourcade's Secret War: Lynne Olson. Survive Like a Spy: Jason Hanson. The Spy and the Traitor: Ben Macintyre. Editorial Reviews site. In the nearly half century since, it has become a force to be reckoned with, boasting an impressive track record of counterterrorist actions and assassinations. Gideon's Spies is loaded with anecdotes of their greatest exploits and a few colossal blunders. Among the most interesting sections are the suggestions that Mossad agents killed media tycoon Robert Maxwell in , that the agency's attempted recruitment of Henri Paul, the driver of Princess Diana's car that fateful night, may have caused sufficient emotional distress to be a contributing factor in the accident, and that Mossad operatives in America had tapes of the phone-sex conversations between President Bill Clinton and his lover Monica Lewinsky.

There's also some extensive material on the links between the Israelis and the Vatican, including the Mossad's role in the investigation into the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II and the agency's constant battles against the PLO. An interesting nonfiction read for fans of international spy thrillers. Among the world's most respected and feared intelligence services, the Israeli Mossad encompasses shadowy networks of katsas case officers often operating undercover, from Washington to Tehran to Beijing.

The third update of this well-received book adds expanded sections on postinvasion Iraq, the black market in nuclear material, and other topics, tying up several loose ends from the earlier editions. Large portions remain unchanged, however, giving the book an uneven quality, as some chapters were written in , some in , some in and some last summer.

Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad (Updated)

Thomas's engrossing stories about assassinations, target surveillance and other skullduggery keep the pages turning, but the serious student of the Middle East may be put off by some purple prose, for example, about Saddam in incarceration: But he will have an opportunity to state his case—more than he had ever allowed those he murdered.

Overall, however, Thomas provides a rare and valuable glimpse at the inner workings of a very secretive organization. All rights reserved.

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I thought this book was great in most ways. The Mossad is presented as an agency that will do anything to save Israel, to the point of assassination and framing their own agents.

I have one major quibble though: A flashback to a flashback to a flashback?!?! And he starts the book with the Princess Diana tragedy, hinting more than a little it wasn't just a car crash. Apparently a Mossad agent was attempting to enlish Henri Paul around the time of her death. But after she dies, the Mossad is barely mentioned for 30 pages except that they probably know something about it.

So, I give Gideon's Spies 5 stars on content but a half a star on organization. Paperback Verified download. Whenever I read a book, I ask tell me something I don't know.

Knowing the White House was totally protected by electronic counter-measures, the yahalomin team focused on Lewinsky's apartment. They began to intercept explicit phone calls from the president to Lewinsky.

The recordings were couriered by diplomatic bag to Tel Aviv. If anyone ever asked about their phone sex, she should say that they knew that their calls were being monitored all day long, and the phone sex was a put on. In both cases, and others, Thomas provides scant evidence that the theories are anything more than the product of vivid imagination. But poor sourcing and unchecked speculation is only part of the frustration that flows from this book.

The numerous stories of both intelligence failures and successes were sometimes difficult to follow, with Thomas preferring to use a continuous series of chronologically chaotic asides to deliver historical context to his readers. If taken at face value, the extent to which disinformation is used to further political goals is troubling and bodes ill for the idea that a free and independent media can serve as a useful check on state power, whether in Jerusalem, London, or Washington.

The story of media baron and apparent Mossad informer Robert Maxwell provides the most startling example. Despite there being little direct evidence, Thomas weaves a fascinating tale of a media empire financed by fraudulent business practices and wealthy Israeli investors motivated by equal parts profit and patriotism.

Eventually, however, Maxwell and his sordid business dealings would become a public relations liability to Israel, and according to Thomas, it was at that point that Mossad made quick work of him on a Yacht off the coast of the Canary Islands, making his death appear to be a suicide.

In another story of the expendability of the individual for the greater organizational good, Thomas writes about the case of Ismail Sowan, a Palestinian first recruited by the Mossad as a teenager in the West Bank because of his unusually sympathetic views towards Israel.

But when a series of counterfeit blank British passports destined for the Israeli embassy turned up in a phone booth and the murder of a prominent Palestinian political cartoonist went awry, Israel needed a way to shore up its relationship with London.

Implicating Sowan in the murder and then leading British authorities to his supposed stash of arms and explosives worked to perfection. Some of them, he notes, do no more than download local clothing to be sent to Israel so that Mossad agents will have authentic clothing when working under deep cover. In other instances, however, he notes that some of these volunteers are connected to the U. Such a characterization perpetuates the anti-Semitic myth of Jewish dual-loyalty. Individuals of any nationality may feel strong ties to childhood, ancestral, or cultural homelands, but to suggest that members of the Jewish diaspora play such a prominent role in Israeli intelligence gathering activities risks inciting paranoia and giving credence to a harmful canard.

The value of this book lies in its ability to convey the potential for abuse when public policy is crafted without regard to the role of the public. While the scope for debate on individual actions is necessarily limited, the goals and macro-strategies of intelligence gathering must be the product of robust democratic dialogue and its implementation should never be completely obscured from the public view.

Intelligence organizations should never do the bidding of individual politicians, nor should they operate without impunity when laws are broken. Doing so risks creating an extralegal arm of state power and calls into question the very basis of democratic governance. It also provides a poignant reminder that in an open society privacy is the exception to the rule and not the other way around.

Otto, Sept. Dec 07, Catherine rated it really liked it.

A terrific read with the ins and outs of any spy book only this time the names and events are not necessarily changed to protect people. It is the true history of the development of the Mossad; its missions; its successes; its failures. I was half-way through the book when my father said it looked interesting and wanted to borrow it.

I was horrified but I survived. Thankfully, he is a fast reader and he returned it in a few days with a huge smile on his face. As a career military man, I took tha A terrific read with the ins and outs of any spy book only this time the names and events are not necessarily changed to protect people. As a career military man, I took that as a sign that the book that was already quite good was going to get better.

It did. The history threads its way through the directorships of the Mossad and how they affected the way it was run and how the personality of the agency changed with each change of personnel. Some myths of the Mossad were confirmed and some dispelled. Greater detail about the inner workings were given than I ever expected. At times, it felt as if I were accompanying a spy on a particular "op. I enjoyed the political and social details which offer greater explanation of what was going on at the time -- more than was ever publicized internationally.

It was interesting to have both views of the same picture which made the whole even more interesting than either on its own. The individuals come alive, their personal agendas versus those of their assignments and the Mossad, the conflicts, the State versus the Jewish faith, being wholly dedicated to eradicating the enemies of the State -- a very rich and informative read. Sep 30, James rated it really liked it.

So where to start. This book came very highly recommended from a co-worker as an educational tool regarding Mossad. Specifically there were a lot of items in it that did relate to project and program management i. This part was very interesting in how they plan, test and execute. I will say though the intriguing analysis was on Diane's murder. Yes, we in America heard what was going on, we mourned ok some of us and listen So where to start. Yes, we in America heard what was going on, we mourned ok some of us and listened to the conspiracy theories begin.

I will say that the theory proposed sounds very likely, additionally with the autopsy and theories out of that. I found this very fascinating. Mar 29, Elliot Ratzman rated it it was ok. However, the picture it paints of competing national spy networks is truly frightening. Mossad, apparently, has help in most countries, payroll informants, Zionist patriots and trained agents. Oddly, agents may have been working on the hotel driver who crashed and killed Princess Diana.

Mar 18, Olethros rated it liked it. Lo que nos cuenta. Jun 16, Erik rated it liked it Shelves: The subject matter of this book is intriguing and a piercing insight into how nations interact with each other on multiple levels.

Mossad's methods and philosophy of defending Israel at all costs and by all means necessary are clearly exposed here. Strangely the first chapter's discussion of the death of Princess Diana, linked to Mossad because of the commercial interests she threatened, is a little out of place given that the rest of the book focuses entirely on Mossad's role in defending Israe The subject matter of this book is intriguing and a piercing insight into how nations interact with each other on multiple levels.

Strangely the first chapter's discussion of the death of Princess Diana, linked to Mossad because of the commercial interests she threatened, is a little out of place given that the rest of the book focuses entirely on Mossad's role in defending Israel militarily. There is no doubt however that Mossad is very involved in commercial theft. The book is overly long and will appeal mostly to those who already have a significant interest in its workings.

It's also unclear why many would have cooperated in its writing, why certain details revealed within would not have led the agency to attempt to quash the book, nor whether everything contained therein is true. Perhaps the book or some details in it are part of the Mossad Unit of Psychological Warfare's effort to sow the seeds of confusion. In any case, a revealing book in many ways and on balance worth the read. Buku asik, cerita tentang Mossad yang bisa dibilang sebagai kelanjutan dari buku Mossad: Menguak Tabir Dinas Intelijen Israel.

Sejak bab 1 kita sudah diajak untuk mengetahui lebih banyak tentang peristiwa kematian Lady Diana. Bagaimana ketidakpuasan Mohammad Al-Fayed atas kesan ditutup-tutupinya peristiwa ini, serta dugaan sang ayah akan keterlibatan dinas-dinas rahasia internasional.

Ada juga cerita tentang peristiwa percobaan pembunuhan Paus Yohannes Paulus II oleh Mehmet Ali Agca pada , kon Buku asik, cerita tentang Mossad yang bisa dibilang sebagai kelanjutan dari buku Mossad: Masih banyak lagi kisah-kisah seru lainnya dalam buku ini.

Jul 25, Kamil Salamah rated it it was ok. Self serving. What I like about the book is a non Mossad agent compiling stories from his various interviews with various folks to compile a multiple POV and reporting of the various missions Mossad has undertaken from an operational standpoint versus complete first person narratives that tend to be colored with personal glory. The interlinking of international spy agencies and governments and non state actors is an interesting mix the author brings up stating stories from the across world.

A book worthy for What I like about the book is a non Mossad agent compiling stories from his various interviews with various folks to compile a multiple POV and reporting of the various missions Mossad has undertaken from an operational standpoint versus complete first person narratives that tend to be colored with personal glory.

A book worthy for those who have an academic interest in Mossad and its organisational setup and reach over the years under different leadership and situations. If you are looking for a spy thriller, Ian Fleming is a better shot. Jun 12, Jerome rated it it was ok. Where to begin, lets start with the writing, its bad. The author has a tendency to start making a point and then meandering off for two pages before returning to his original point, its hard to believe this guy writes for a living.

None of the events described in this book are sourced, except for the author's vague assurances that they were based on his extensive interviews. Give me a break! Any first year coll Where to begin, lets start with the writing, its bad. The book's cause is not helped by the fact that known fabricators such as Arie Ben-Menashe are quoted at length. The fables Ben-Menashe spins are presented as fact in this book, for sure that spells trouble. The most egregious error in this book, though, comes about when the author describes the take-over of the Israeli embassy in Bangkok.

The reader is treated to an account where Israeli leaders agonize over their options thinking back to the Raid on Entebbe as one possible solution that is ultimately disregarded.

The Israelis are good, but time travel, please. I have a hard time believing that Osama Bin Laden has close relationships with the Chinese given that they are now a secular consumerist society- something which Bin Laden is against. Yet, according to the book, he visited Beijing in ?!

The Mossad supposedly knew that a truck bomb was going to be used against the marines in Lebanon, but didn't tell them. The Mossad supposedly didn't lift a finger to save William Buckley, who was tortured and killed in Lebanon.

The famous Mr. Maxwell, who looted his employee's pension funds, supposedly gave those funds to the Mossad. I became suspicious when I saw listed on his acknowledgments page the contact name Barry Chamish.

Barry is well known for his "creative" conspiracy theories. And for writing about UFO sightings in Israel.

No, they have diesel submarines. They have SSN-6 missiles. Later he credits the Israeli navy of having nuclear submarinesagain, wrong.

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They have diesel submarines built by Germany. The final straws were when the author writes of an Israeli helicopter that uses "silent mode" to enter enemy territory. I can assure you that is laughable, and I could no longer take the book seriously after that. Thomas is a conspiracy theorist who relies on innuendo and rumor to justify mindless theories and meaningless concepts, all in lieu of research and facts to tell what is an incredible story on its own.

From little things, like referring to the Echelon surveillance system operated by the National Security Agency as monitoring every conversation between every individual virtually anywhere in the world Echelon monitors electronic conversations, not every possible conversation to secondhand references to the late William Casey, the then-director of the CIA, as suggesting that Mossad supplied arms to Hezbollah in the early 's when Israel invaded Lebanon, Thomas studiously avoids anything approaching professionalism or reasoned analysis.

Jan 31, Sammy Sutton rated it it was amazing. The author begins with a plunge into the circumstances revolving around the death of Princess Diane.

He paints an intricate picture of facts, and faux paus that clearly complicated the situation then and now. It is an interesting beginning to a book of this nature. However, it does demand the reader's attention, therefore, I believe it serves the purpose well. After the dramatic introductory story, the author settles into a more traditional format based on the chronological events, and history of the Israeli spy agency, Mossad.

Mossad has enjoyed a much more secretive past than its American counterparts. This alone, has me celebrating the encyclopedic work the author provides in this book. I literally could not put it down, and found myself reading it every time I had even a moment to spare. The sources, and intimate knowledge the author provides is phenomenal. He was afforded many hours of interviews with intricate members that commented directly and anonymously.

The history of the agency and incidents in which they were involved are fascinating. The author details the successes as well as the failures in dynamic detail. This is a long book, but I highly recommend it for those interested in an absolutely fascinating look into this secretive agency and World History! Jun 09, Set Forth rated it it was amazing. This book took me through a whirlwind of dense intensity and had me on the edge of my seat.

Gordon Thomas paints and sculpts the life of a spy like Pablo Picasso. The writer takes the reader through tumultuous layers of the spy world. The work of the spy is not only about abduction, clutching, and assassination but it requires rigorous thinking and planning to every little detail that goes into the finalization of every clandestine operations. The infinitesimal details we ignore in everyday life make the world of difference in the realm of clandestine operations.

What works in the SPY world does not conform to the norm of the civilian world. In the spy world civility is quite a foolish concept and way of thinking. The world of the spy is absolute ruthlessness because the enemy you are dealing with is planning and ready to totally wipe you out of existence. You get the picture!!!!! At the end of the day, the job of a spy is to get the job done by any means necessary. Sep 16, Dmitry Merener rated it really liked it. This is an excellent book. The stories are great and fun to read.

My problem with the book is that pages in, the author makes two blatant mistakes that he represents as facts. There is actually no such thing as "the Gotti Family" as John Gotti was a captain and eventual boss of the Gambino Family. On the very next page, the author mentions a su This is an excellent book.

On the very next page, the author mentions a suburb of Chicago named Cicero, which the author states is the birth place of Al Capone. For me, this shattered the authors credibility.

Though the book is very fun to read, if Gordon Thomas states false facts that are commonly known, how can I believe the secret things he writes about claiming to be classified with no way to confirm. Though the book is an excellent read, I have downgraded my ranking from a 5 to a 3 because of a distrust of the author's "facts".

Dec 18, Pujan rated it really liked it Shelves:He mixes up dates. The author admits in one of the following chapters that KGB was behind it they were afraid of uprisings in Poland , and forgets that he has Mossad's allegations against Iran in previous chapters.

As such they are a unique document, both of Flemish tapestry production and of English taste in the sixteenth century. They have SSN-6 missiles. The infinitesimal details we ignore in everyday life make the world of difference in the realm of clandestine operations. Rating details.

And so forth. A logical explanation was that when Israel was unable or unwilling to provide the remainder of the funds needed to finance his download, Maxwell had threatend to expose his extensive previous collaboration in shady Mossad financial and media operations.

The Israelis are good, but time travel, please.

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